The Resume Of

Pieter Jan Bos


University of Professional Education – Religion – Pastoral Worker- Windesheim – 2014 to present

Education as a religious professional through theology, philosophy and sociology. Focus on Religion and Society with specialization on Presence Approach (pdf in English)

Secondary Vocational Education – Multimedia Design – Deltion College – 2007/2011

Audiovisual and digital design. Focus in the third and fourth year on audio and video, first two years on webdesign, animation: HTML, PHP, Flash (AS2) and CSS.

Work experience


Amy Foundation – Cape Town (SA)- 2018

Crossing borders between social acceptance, self-development and education. A practice of being ‘present’ in a culture where racial equality is hindering the positive addition of western experiences to a in missionary context.

Debt Relief Buddy (Schuldhulpmaatje)- Zutphen- 2016 to present

Accompany those in need of a helping hand with their financial situation. An important exercise in presence-theory, empowerment and dealing with socially-disorganized situations.

Mission homes – 2014-2016

Internship at different mission homes in Amsterdam, Lelystad, Kampen en Urk. I was focused on conversations with visitors, developing relationships and finding meaning in life through meetings and games. Houses including Salvation Army and Stichting IDO Lelystad.

Work experience


Camera and Editing – Alpha Producties – 2013/2014

Production of corporate film and other audiovisual productions as cameraman and video editor.

Video editor – Proficam – 2011-2012

Video editor for different productions like commercials, registrations, funerals, company- and promotion films.

Presenter and Technician – Urk FM – 2011/2015

Presentation, production and technical support of different programs for the local broadcast station Urk FM. News, ideological/philosophical, culture and entertainment.

Camera en editing – Evangelische Omroep – 2010/2012

Internship as cameraman and editor for a television program of the Evangelical Broadcast (Evangelische Omroep). And the production of a three-part documentary about the Dutch Mattheus Passion, with Saturday prime time broadcasting.


Secretary – Urk FM – 2012/2014

Secretary in the board of the local radio station Urk FM and member of the Technical Committee.

Student member OC T&L – 2015/2017

Student member of the education committee Theology and Belief. Researching situations, recognizing needs and advising on the education and exam regulations of the studies.


Host and service – Restaurant De Boet – 2015 to present

Host and table service at a classy restaurant.

Computer Skills

Audiovisual and digital design

Final Cut Pro X 0

Video editing and post-production. Expertise developed in FCP7, working with FCPX for four years now.

Apple Motion 0

Graphics and videodesign, self learned skill.

Photoshop 0

Basics learned in multiple courses and frequent use through the years for webdesign (25%), photography (40%), graphic design (30%), and the occasional printing job (5%).

Wordpress 0

The Content Management System of this website and other websites I build over the years.

Pastoral Skills

Presence 0

I’m educated in the Presence Theory through theory and practice. Emmanuel Levinas is a big influence on my view on humanity.

Practical Philosophy 0

I develop and practice a view on the world, humanity and the unknowable through self-improvement and knowledge. I have decent overview on what makes up a religious, philosophical and ethical/moral frame of reference of a person. Combined with the others’ personal developmental, psychological and social aspects I can make make an effort to assist in personal growth within ones own context.

Teaching 0

Through engagement and finding the right perspective I’m able to contextualise knowledge and educate a group or individuals. Conversation is key.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication 0

In verbal and non-verbal communication I know what to say and when to say it. More importantly I know when to keep silence.

Listening 0

I’m naturally sensitive to emotional undertones in voice and body language. I can deduct mental states with ease and adjust mine accordingly. Beside that I’m well aware of how my body language and speech can be interpreted by others.

Receptiveness to Feedback 0

I take feedback as positive self-improvement. I internalize, reflect and adjust accordingly.

Reflection 0

Reflecting on my words, actions and attitude in situations is a high skill I value most of all. It’s connected to my personal and professional growth.



I see every living being as equal. Everyone asks to be accepted for whom they perceive to be.


Taking care of the earth and everything on it is a great value and can be realized through personal awareness. I do this in different ways including through reducing my consumption of animal products.


Not one religion holds the truth. As god becomes visible through nature, culture and history it forms believes. When used for good there's no difference in worth and truth.


  1. Dutch – Native language
  2. English – Good speaking, reading and writing
  3. German – Reasonable speaking and reading

Please contact me if any questions about my resume arise.